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  • Hall Effect Measurement System

    DX-100 Hall Effect Measurement System

  • soft magnetic material coercivity measuring device

    DX-2012HC soft magnetic material coercivity measuring device

  • Fluxgate Magnetometer

    DX-330F 3D Fluxgate Magnetometer

  • Gauss Meter

    DX-180 Gauss Meter

  • Double-Yoke Double-Tuning Adjustable Air Gap Electromagnet

    DXSB Double-Yoke Double-Tuning Adjustable Air Gap Electromagnet

  • 3 Axis Helmholtz Coils

    3 Axis Helmholtz Coils

Constant Permanent Magnet

A permanent magnet is the easiest way to generate a magnetic field. Its small size, strong magnetic field, stable magnetic field, no power supply, is the best energy saving magnetic field source. It can generate a uniform magnetic field; Gradient magnetic field; Multipole magnetic field; Radiant magnetic field, etc.
  • Constant permanent magnet

    Constant permanent magnet

    DX series constant magnetic field permanent magnets have the characteristics of no power supply, energy saving, long-term use without heat, small size and light weight. Due to the fixed air gap, it has good rigidity and the magnetic field is stable, which can be used as a standard magnetic field.

  • Calibration Magnet

    Calibration Magnet

    Calibration Magnet is a permanent magnet specially designed for Hall sheet calibration. It is small in size and light in weight. It is suitable for calibration of Hall plates with 0.1%~1% accuracy. The normal magnetic field level is 0.1T~1.1T stage, available from stock; The magnetic field can reach 3.0T.

  • Uniform magnetic field for NMR

    Uniform magnetic field for NMR

    Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) series permanent magnets have high machining accuracy, good stability, and very uniform magnetic field. The uniformity of the uniform region is guaranteed to be 1 ~ 5 *10-5.

  • Axial permanent magnets

    Axial permanent magnets

    Axial permanent magnets, composed of a combination of special shapes of neodymium-iron-boron magnetic block arrays. Its magnetic field central axis has through holes, high magnetic field strength, small volume, suitable for optical experiments and axial probe calibration.

  • Adjustable magnetic field of permanent magnet

    Adjustable magnetic field of permanent magnet

    Permanent magnets produce a constant magnetic field has a very favorable conditions, but the structure of the single to its application subject to certain restrictions. Our company is committed to the development of a variety of adjustable magnetic field permanent magnet, so that the air gap is adjustable, the magnetic field strength adjustable, uniform area stability.

  • Halbach array permanent magnets

    Halbach array permanent magnets

    The Halbeck array is a magnet structure that is an engineering-like approximate ideal structure with the goal of producing the strongest magnetic field with the smallest number of magnets. The Halbach magnetic ring combines the radial and parallel arrangement of the magnets.

  • Permanent magnet rotating magnetic field

    Permanent magnet rotating magnetic field

    The permanent magnet can be made into a rotating magnetic field in the form of mechanical rotation. When the permanent magnet rotates around the center of action of the magnetic field, the sine wave magnetic field can be obtained in the fixed direction of the magnetic field space. The alternating frequency of magnetic field polarity is 0-7hz adjustable.

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