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  • Hall Effect Measurement System

    DX-100 Hall Effect Measurement System

  • soft magnetic material coercivity measuring device

    DX-2012HC soft magnetic material coercivity measuring device

  • Fluxgate Magnetometer

    DX-330F 3D Fluxgate Magnetometer

  • Gauss Meter

    DX-180 Gauss Meter

  • Double-Yoke Double-Tuning Adjustable Air Gap Electromagnet

    DXSB Double-Yoke Double-Tuning Adjustable Air Gap Electromagnet

  • 3 Axis Helmholtz Coils

    3 Axis Helmholtz Coils


  • How to select the fluxmeter test coil

    Many customers often encounter the problem of coil selection when they choose a fluxmeter to measure magnetic materials. Because the magnetometer can only measure the magnetic flux of the magnet with the coil. The coil may be a monomer coil, a fixed B coil, or a Helmholtz coil.

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  • Space magnetic field distribution measurement instrument case sharing

    FE-2100RD spatial magnetic field distribution measuring instrument can accurately test the spatial magnetic field distribution, and provide XY coordinates, P polar coordinates, 3D magnetic field distribution and relative fundamental wave harmonic analysis and other test means, for the domestic and foreign markets on magnetic products of a number of indicators, to meet the permanent magnet,

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  • Decryption suitable for permanent magnet material factory commonly used magnetic testing equipment

    Recently, Xiaobian saw many permanent magnet raw material manufacturers online have this kind of trouble: for example, some procurement often ask some questions; Is your material highly magnetic? How do you prove it's a strong magnetic material? How can we prove that the parameters meet our requirements? Many product data such as magnetic flux, magnetic moment, surface magnetism

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  • Measurement of soft magnetic materials: description of the ability to test AC/DC characteristics of magnetic materials

    DC magnetic characteristics of soft magnetic materials are the most important basic parameters of soft magnetic materials. At present, German MagnetPhysikC-300 and 750 are the representative test equipment. A small number of Japanese Metronsk1100 products were also adopted in the early stage. These products are more expensive than domestic equipment, and the magnetic curve and hysteresis loop are measured by scanning method.

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  • The method of pole head embedded coil is used to analyze the nondestructive testing of permanent magnet materials

    Electromagnet electrode surface embedded coil method is used to test permanent magnet materials, which is an applied technical solution designed according to the BH characteristics of the current industrial testing permanent magnet materials. Because the actual size and shape of the sample does not need to be considered during the test, there is no need to wind the magnet or insert the fixed B/J coil, only need to completely cover the tested sample on a coil embedded in the pole head, the test i

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